Episode 002: Food and Travel in the Digital Age with Meredith Bethune

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Ever wonder about the life of a Food and Travel writer? Denise explores the attitude it takes to make it from a part-time food blogger to a full-time freelance writer getting paid to travel the world and eat all the things. If you love travel, dream of becoming a writer, or struggle with procrastination, then take a listen. Meredith Bethune offers up insight and tips into the wonderful world of self-driven business.

Show Notes

In Episode 002, Meredith Bethune discusses the passion behind her food and travel writing and about her experiences traveling to Kenya - especially in a time where there are wide-spread fears about travel abroad. Later, she goes on to discuss the blogging scene in Austin, Texas and her transition to becoming a paid writer and the attitude it takes to succeed as a freelance writer in the world of digital media. We discuss journalism and how the business has developed and changed in this era of paid content and most importantly, how to make sure you do get paid!

Traveling all the time can take a toll on the body and mind, but Meredith discusses her tips and tricks to pass the time, fight jet lag, and make the most of the airline food. Of course, the most interesting part of her job starts when she reaches her destination. She sairs a little bit of behind-the-scenes of how travel writing functions.

Arguably the biggest hinderance to getting ahead is getting stuck in procrastination mode, Meredith shares her methods for getting focused and getting into the work zone. Including using apps and the best places to work.

Finally, we get into the more business side of things as we discuss her monthly newsletter, various social media and their best applications for getting your work exposed to the right audience, and how the restaurant world is changing and yet still mimicking itself.


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